1. Order a physical copy from Amazon

An actual book, made out of paper — the good ol' fashioned kind. Well, mostly good ol' fashioned, but without the antiquated nuisance of actually having to leave your house. Who ever wanted to do that, anyhow? Order now, get it in a few days. You know the drill.

Amazon: A Guide to Gender

2. Pay whatever you want ($0-$1000) E-Book

Who needs paper? Let's be honest, e-books aren't a fad, they are a pretty awesome, super-here-to-stay, great way to share some good ol' fashioned knowledge. You can download this book in a Kindle/Computer-friendly .PDF format, and pay whatever you think it's worth in return.

Ebook: Breaking the Hush Factor

3. Pay with a Tweet or Facebook Status

Holy cow — now this is anything but ol' fashioned. Dollars not your thing? If you tell your friends on Twitter or Facebook about the book, you can have the E-Book. How's that for a deal? Editor's Note: even if you go with one of the above options, Tweets & Facebooks are greatly appreciated :)

Pay with a Tweet: Breaking the Hush Factor

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